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Clicgear Cooler Bag

$39.99 msrp $49.99

With the Clicgear Cooler Bag you can bring along those extra beverages and snacks you want on the course. An insulated waterproof design fits perfectly on all Clicgear cart models.

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Clicgear Cup Holder

$9.99 msrp $12.99

The perfect accessory for anyone who uses a Clicgear cart and can't play golf without a drink!

Clicgear Steering Knob

$14.95 msrp $17.99

Steer easily with the Clicgear Steering knob add on. Convenient one handed steering lets you leisurely stroll the course.

Clicgear GPS Holder

$12.99 msrp $16.23

The Clicgear GPS holder is designed to display your GPS and mounts directly to the handle of your ClicGear or Rovic Cart.

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Clicgear Cooler Tube

$17.99 msrp $19.99

Keep cool by adding the Clicgear Cooler Tube to your Clicgear or Rovic push cart. The Cooler Tube holds two 12oz cans or one 32oz water bottle.

Clicgear Cigar Holder

$12.99 Best price

The Clicgear Cigar Holder holds all types of cigars and works with most Clicgear models.

Clicgear Rovic RV1C Wheel Cover

$14.99 Best price

The Rovic RV1C Wheel Cover is designed to fit perfectly on Rovic RV1C & RV1S Carts.

Clicgear Wheel Cover

$12.99 msrp $18.99

Cover up your wheels for storage with Clicgear’s waterproof nylon elastic wheel cover. Perfect for keeping your car clean or storing during the off-season.

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Clicgear Cart Seat

$49.99 msrp $59.99

The Clicgear Cart seat allows you that extra time to sit down anywhere on the golf course.

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Clicgear Shoe Brush

$12.99 msrp $14.99

Adding Clicgear cart accessories makes your life easier out on the course. The ClicGear Shoe Brush is perfect to help keep your spikes clear of debris.

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Clicgear Rangefinder / Valuables Bag

$15.99 msrp $19.99

The Clicgear Rangefinder / Valuables Bag adds comfort and ease to your game by keeping your rangefinder within reach.

Clicgear Umbrella

$39.99 msrp $49.99

The Clicgear Umbrella boasts a 68" double canopy is constructed with a UV coated waterproof Nylon, perfect come rain or shine.

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Clicgear Cart Umbrella Angle Holder

$27.99 msrp $29.99

The ClicGear adjustable umbrella holder let's you adjust the position of your umbrella from front to back or side to side.

Clicgear Ball Clip

$9.99 msrp $12.99

Are you tired of having to search around in your bag for another ball after hitting one out of bounds? Introducing the Clicgear Ball Clip - capable of holding up to three golf balls at once!

Clicgear Cart Mitts

$19.99 msrp $29.99

Keep your hands warm and comfortable in the cold weather with the Clicgear Cart Mitts. Oversized gloves fit all hand sizes and easily attach to the cart handle. Made with waterproof and windproof material and a velcro closure so they don't get wet or soiled.

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Clicgear Cart Rain Accessories

$27.99 Best price

With the ClicGear Cart Rain Accessories you can protect your clubs from the rain and bad weather.

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